Fairest Volume 4: Of Men and Mice


Fairest of Mice and MenFairest Volume #4: Of Mice and Men takes Cinderella and turns her into a full-fledged badass. As a the collection opens, a strain of rat men have begun attacking the residents of both Mundyland and Fable. Though Cinderella had spent a good deal of time with rat men, something serious is happening. Fairy Godmother has seemingly gone crazy and become a danger. Cinderella seeks her out, running into an old friend along the way. Fairy Godmother is briefly taken out of commission but miracles are just another part of her specialty. It’s only a matter of time before Cinderella sniffs out the chief rat.

Fairest Volume #4 gives the reader a new set of respect for Cinderella and Snow White. Snow keeps her family safe, despite a frightening attack. Cinderella is smart, sexy and knows how to go after what she wants. It is so easy to be pulled into this collection, that I found myself reading all the way through without stopping. There is a good deal of sex in this comic, as well as partial nudity. To be fair, if you are reading Fables and Fairest religiously chances are neither violence nor sex bother you. If you haven’t picked up the book before, this acts as your warning.

With a story that is just plain good, artwork that captures attention and a heroine that doesn’t pull punches Fairest Volume #4: Of Mice and Men was a fun investment of my time.

Fairest Volume #4: Of Mice and Men is now available from Vertigo Press.


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