Mistress of Death: Ghost Soldiers of Gettysburg Combines History and Ghost Stories


cover47873-smallGhost Soldiers of Gettysburg, by Patrick Burke and Jack Roth, is part ghost hunter book and part history text. Focusing on one of the most haunted sites in American history, Roth and Burke tell the stories of the individual areas of the Gettysburg, PA battlefield and the specters that still remain today.

Ghost Soldiers of Gettysburg is fascinating for readers of United States history. Loaded with facts and illustrations, the book often spends a good period of time talking about the setting of the battles, rather than focusing on the ghost story aspect. This causes the book to feel a bit drier than more sensational books that have been published on ghosts. How many time has a book strayed from the facts in the interest of a more dramatic story? A large first section of Ghost Soldiers of Gettysburg is devoted to explaining what exactly EVP is and what a ghost hunter does. This allows readers who have never really had much experience with ghost hunting to get a better look at what Patrick Burke and Jack Roth are doing on the historical Gettysburg site. The spirits and their experiences are treated with respect, rather than sensationalism, and the experiences of mediums and psychics are backed up with actual events of the skirmishes.

Ghost Soldiers of Gettysburg is an interest look at the experiences of ghost hunters through a historical perspective. This book would be fascinating to history buffs and those with a more scientific mind when it comes to the concepts of ghosts and the spirit world.

Ghost Soldiers of Gettysburg, is available from Llewellyn Worldwide on October 8, 2014.


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