Bravest Warriors #25: Catbug Goes Bizarro


bravest-warriors-25_1What’s evil, adorable and just a bit off on the color scheme? In Bravest Warriors #25, Bugcat arrives to collect his brother Catbug and is not taking no for an answer. The two do battle to see who will return back to Catbug’s father. Will our tiniest of the Bravest Warriors be taken?

The description is short, but Katie Leth and Ian McGinty having The Bravest Warriors play a slightly more innocent form of Cards Against Humanity was pure genius. It is difficult to fall in love with The Bravest Warriors in the same way I fell for the brief shorts online. I am easily bought by cute characters. Anyone who has see the Youtube cartoon will find themselves hearing the voice of Catbug echoing through their ears.

Bravest Warrior #25 is now available from BOOM! Studios.


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