Hail to the King, Baby: Army of Darkness Convention Invasion


aodinvasionArmy of Darkness: Convention Invasion is pretty self explanatory, as far as comics go. Ash is hard at work at S-Mart, trying to earn that promotion, when deadites rise and he has to save the world…again. When three young convention goers witness the rise of a skeleton army, they go to the only person they know who can save them, the king, baby. Amidst the cosplayers and convention attendees the dead rise and the Necronomicon returns, will they be able to stop it in time?

Is this Army of Darkness one-shot fan service? Absolutely, yes it is. Was it highly entertaining? Heck yes it was! As a person new to the comics, but a long time fan of the movies, I loved this issue. The tone and dialogue were just right, dead on, really. In fact, as I read it was the dulcet tones of Bruce Campbell narrating it in my mind.

“I took care of the Necronomicon, big time, that thing is not coming back”

“Are you sure about that?”

“Yeah, probably, I mean, very close to definitely. It’s probably, more than likely never coming back. The odds are slim.”

That, along with frequent phrases such as, “Come to papa” and, “Hey ugly!” make Army of Darkness fans feel right at home. You will laugh out loud, frequently, perhaps inappropriatley in public. The only real complaint I have is that the ending felt a bit abrupt. The nature of the comic was, of course, a fun one-shot, so although it’s not hugely distracting, I did want a bit more of the final fight with the big bad.

The art is done in a sketchy kind of style, making use of line drawing and shading. The coloring choices are well made. Scenes with deadites are punctuated by muted tones of greens, browns and blues to help the creepy vibe, whereas other panels use bright, rich colors. The deadites themselves are all drawn very well, and are ready to jump off the page and swallow your soul. Old fans and new are sure to have fun with this one shot. All in all it is a great romp in the Army of Darkness universe. Just remember to bring your shotgun.


Army of Darkness: Convention Invasion is now available from Dynamite Press.


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