Hexed #3: Seven Angry Witches


hexed3Lucifer had thought it was going to be relatively easy to come back from the dead. After all, she’d done it many times before. Her frequent trips into Shade have made her enemies, enemies who don’t want her to leave. Trapped in Shade she once again has to depend on the company intern (who’s really not too fond of her) to come save her, this time from the spirits of seven angry witches. Meanwhile, Yves, the being from the painting, lurks about the city taking lives. He grows in strength with each person he destroys. Will they stop him before he reaches full strength?

Hexed #3 continues down the rabbit hole into a dark and dangerous world. The writing is intriguing, the world well developed and thought out. The use of magic in the series is dark but a lot of fun, and you can appreciate how much thought the writer Michael Alan Nelson puts into the rules of engagment. The plot is intricate, but not hard to follow. I continue to enjoy this storyline, and can’t wait to see what comes next.

As always, the art by Dan Mora is gorgeous yet highly disturbing at the same time. It is one of the gorier comics I read, and that I am still reading it says a lot. The story and elegance of the art are enough to keep you roped in, even if you normally don’t do well with gore. One thing you may notice is that the coloring changes depending on whether you are dealing with a panel in the “real world” vs Shade or a scene is which magic being used. This visual distinction is nice, and it also gives your brain a little nudge to stay engaged in the comic.

As before, I recommend Hexed to those who like a urban or dark fantasy, magic, mysticism and a little bit of gore. The characters are interesting and well written, and there is always something new going on to keep you guessing. Visually it is stunning. It’s a fun read, go check it out.

Hexed #3 is now available from Boom! Studios


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