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The reviews continue for Black Science from Image Comics. Previous review on Black Science #8 can be found here.


I have no idea what is going on.

Remender took the story, threw it in a blender, and then smeared pieces of it on the pages. Issue #8 left Nate and Pia huddled behind a rock as a troll like figure spots them. Issue #9 opens up with a game of hide and seek in the woods. Every time children are playing in the woods with no adult supervision, it is inevitable that something horrible is going to happen. It does and it is a flash back dream by Becca, colleague and mistress of Grant McKay. Turns out Becca is a fraternal twin and due to a tragic accident, she lost her brother. This resultsĀ  in her waking up screaming.

In terms of what’s going on in the comic, she may be drawing similarities between her and her late brothers situation. Both have been left behind in dangerous and life-threathening situations. The dream monster mentions that she was the wrong twin to die. There are probably case studies studying twins that have lost the other and how it affects them. Not sure how this really ties into the story other than highlighting Becca’s vulnerability.

Then we find out the next sequence of events for the Nate and Pia. A cult of worm-like creatures descend upon the troll-like creatures and the siblings. Just as one of the worm-like things are about to strike a young troll, Nate pushes the young aside. Then for some odd reason one of the worm-like creatures sees something blessed on Nate and all the young get marched off. Leaving behind a distraught motherly troll-like creature. That panel is pretty heart wrenching. So why was there a young troll-like creature in this party? Was it a hunting party and the human siblings stumbled upon them? Or were they a nomadic group that was attempting to rescue the children? Since the young troll-like baby got swept away too, I bet we’ll see more of them. Well,I hope. The more I become familiar with Remender’s writing, the more I realize that nothing is predictable with his stories.

Then the story lost me. There is some sort of car chase in a bazaar. Strange dialogue all over the place. Most memorable panel is a shot of Grant McKay standing confidently. What is going on?! Is this one of the worlds that Grant has traveled though? Is this another Grant McKay. Is it a dream? The mystery flows on in the next issue.

The only common thought I glean from this novel is what Becca, Nate, and Pia are probably feeling during this issue: the sense of being lost. There is nothing concrete right now for me to follow. The story is spreading into layers of stories. And dang it,I want to know why.

This issue gives us a little treat to make up for screwing around with our heads. Remender and Scalera offers some behind-the-scenes look at making Black Science. For those interested in comic book writing and a fan of Remender, it’s a definite treat.

Prepare to be lost and intrigued. Black Science #9 is available from Image comics at your local comic book retailer.




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