Wytches #1


Sienkiewicz-variant-685x1024-600x896There is all sorts of danger in woodland haunts, unknown monsters that watch and wait.  We all have our own perception of what witches should look like, and in this comic by Scott Snyder illustrates his frightening personal interpretation. Wytches tantalizes with the promise of psychological and emotional depths. Snyder’s witches are not the human beings burned at the stake, but are in fact twisted, ancient evils who offer the use of their powers for a price, a pledge.

Horror lives in the trees, pale hands dragging people into the dark. A teenage girl named Sailor moves to a new house and school in hopes for a new start. Her comic book writer father and wheel-chair bound mother are determined to make things right again, despite the anguish the feel at the suffering of their child. As the only human witness to the gruesome disappearance of an astonishingly brutal girl, Sailor is is faced by both the ostracizing threats of school and her own fearful knowledge. The woods know what she did. They know. They’re watching.

It has a fantastically scary beginning and the comic builds up with good pacing and color scheme. Jock’s artwork, especially the his grotesque figures are menacing and well done. The father-daughter relationship between Charles and Sailor is heartwarming and sympathetic. I look forward to seeing more it as more bad things unfold.

Wytches #1 is now available from Image Comics.


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