Black Market #4: The Conclusion


black market 4Mortals are living under the power  of the Superheroes. Practically flawless with immense strength and power, even law enforcement cede to them. Their DNA contains something so powerful that it may cure all health issues. A disgraced medical examiner, his delinquent brother, and an unscrupulous muscle work together to bring down Supers to obtain the DNA. By any means possible.

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So concludes the Black Market issues.

We were all duped; we were all so completely duped.

The conclusion changed everything. Every assumption you had about the story or the characters was flipped and I am still reeling from the impact.

The third issue left everything in state of chaos. After the black-mailing cops were getting beaten to a pulp by the sociopath ex-hero, Biochem approaches the brothers for obtaining a new target for their blood collection. Of all the supers, it is Ultra, the hero that landed them in trouble. Ultra was the reason that Denny went to jail and Raymond lost everything.

Earlier issues showed that Raymond’s motive for risking everything was for his wife, who is suffering from multiple sclerosis.After the incident with Ultra, the treatments for her have become really expensive and difficult to maintain.Seems like a great guy, risking it all for the love of his life. He would put up with his brother and all the under dealings. Den was the usual good guy who trusted the wrong people, and Willis was the overbearing power in the relationship.

It was Denny. Denny was pulling the strings all along. Even the powerful Biochem company played into Denny’s hands. Denny was the one who found about the Super’s DNA. He was the one to use Biochem for the use of the laboratories, their power, and to “hire” Willis to take down the Super.

Complete character revelation of Den. He was never meek. Just standing by on the sidelines while letting others do the dirty work. Looking back to the issues, it explains so many panels. He’s usually in shadow and even sinister at some points.

It was all him. The conclusion of this comic still has been reeling. The execution of the comic was so well done that I never saw it coming. I seriously never saw this coming.

The impact of the whole story would be more appreciated as a complete graphic novel. It took several re-readings of all the issues to piece the timeline together. It also shows how layered and complex the story actually was. The revelation to Willis indicated that Denny  was still hoping to give his brother a winning chance. When Biochem takes out Willis there was a brief panel of shock. Then he walks away with a smile. Turns out he used Willis’s murder to take down the company. Did he anticipate that the whole time? It implies that Denny was acting out the brotherly and that makes more sense to me than anything else. The whole comic is a tale of vengeance against Ultra and Willis for bringing down Denny and endangering his wife.

The end of the series shows that Denny was recounting the events to a new company called Perseus. In  Greek mythology, Perseus is the hero who takes down monsters (like Medusa). Now that they have the knowledge of the DNA, this company will probably be taking down the Supers.

The impact of this comic is reverberating with me days later. If you enjoy twists and different perspectives, then this comic would be a great read.

Prepare to have your minds blown as Black Market #4 is available from BOOM! Studio and your local comic book retailer.




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