Review: Lumberjanes #7


lumberjanes 7Lumberjanes is a comic series of friendship, magic, mystery, and friendship to the max. A group of friends at a camp find themselves suddenly confronting various forms of monsters (like hipster yetis or dinosaurs), solving puzzles that unlock artifacts, or just running for their lives.

This a review of the ongoing series. Reviews of previous issues can be found by clicking on their respective links: Lumberjanes #5 (where the previous four issues are also summarized), Lumberjanes #6.


Thank Zeus, everything is FINALLY explained. It only took seven issues to get there….

The seventh issue of Lumberjanes is a great pay off for those who have been following the series. All the mysterious happenings to the friends make sense now. If you know your Greek mythology then you would have figured it out sooner. Playing God of War for thirty minutes was my refresher course on the Greek Gods, so I missed out on all the clues.

Last issue, Jen has decided to join the Lumberjanes in their adventure. Jen’s reliance is already questioned as her nerves go haywire as one of the girls attempts to steal the shining blue crystal. The mission is successful however and they all follow Diana to the next point. After much coercing , Diane finally tells the girls what is going on. Diane is really Artemis, twin sister of Apollo, daughter of Zeus. In order to succeed the throne, Apollo and Artemis are to complete challenges to win the power. Apollo has been using the lumberjanes to help figure out the clues and has also set monsters upon them. There is some skepticism but the group forges on following a patronus…er…hologram of a deer. Which leads them back to the cave where they fell into before. Cute montage later, they are caught in a chaotic swarm. Desperate to save her friends, Jo completes the task and pays dearly for it. So the issue ends with a tearful cliffhanger.

This was the most compelling issue. No longer is it a random, playful, lighthearded comic. It is now a story; an actual story that is worth following. Up to this point, the series has down a great job in drawing new readers especially of the female variety. The previous issues have been so fluffy and cute, that it was a drag to keep reading. Now, it has presented dedicated readers the real-deal.

All of the characters have now hit this point where it is no longer games. Something traumatic has happened to a friend and it is a shock. They have gone through monsters and other horrors but ended up with smiles and a few scrapes. The safety bubble has been popped and my attention has been given.

In terms of the artwork, there is a vast improvement here. The action and sequences are more clearly seen. The details are not as scribbled out.

The cover art by Noelle Stevenson really draws my attention. Of all the cover art so far, this one is the most serene. After reading this issue, a theory to the background of the cover came to mind. The¬† logs were once majestic,sturdy foundations. Now they are cut,stacked, and prepared to be sent out to become foundations for other structures. Not the same form but still provide a sense of strength and endurance. With what happened to Jo, this makes me wonder if she is not gone but will be changing form? This may be reading too much into it but this cover is my favorite so far. It’s not kitschy, silly, or cartoonish. It is a beautiful illustration of all the friends scattered but still connected.

Last note: it was a golden eye. Not a brooch.

 Lumberjanes #7 can be found from Boom!Box studios from your local comic book retailer.




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