The Twelfth Doctor #1: The Terraformer


doctor-who---the-twelfth-doctor-1---cover-109192The new season of Doctor Who featuring the twelfth doctor played by Peter Capaldi ( I still consider him the 13th though) is now being supplemented with  a five part graphic novel series.

This issue begins with an alien and his robotic comrade on an expedition. The alien is a terra-forming engineer and is tasked with checking out some disturbances upon a planet. The discovery of the new changes outs the programmer in peril and reveals a mysterious proclamation from the new robot: “Hyperios rises!”.

In other points of time, the Doctor and Clara are planning a skiing trip. Or at least the Doctor is going to teach Clara how to ski but leaving her on the ice world to get chased by ice sharks. Just as they land with Clara all bundled up ready to go, they exit the TARDIS into a tropical fauna. It was no mistake as the Doctor had an alternative reason for landing on this planet (a pattern is emerging with this Doctor). There was a faint signal that lead to this planet. It turns out to be the same planet that the earlier alien engineer met his doom but years into the future.

The planet has been terraformed extensively at the expense of an rich elite couple as a luxurious honey moon get-away. As quickly as they arrive, the Doctor and Clara finds themselves right in the middle of a planet-wide disaster for as the robotic prohetically uttered: “Hyperios Rises!”

The first issue leaves off with a fiery cliff hanger. The biggest question is who or what is Hyperios?  The mystery has been set!

The artwork is done by Dave Taylor and has the look of a vintage comic. Since the new season is looking back towards the Tom Baker years, the comic style is a great reflection of the new season. What really struck me was how the Doctor and Clara were drawn. There is a very slight likeness to Capaldi although he looks somewhat skeletal in some panels. Graphic novel Clara does not resemble Television Clara at all.

The graphic novel counterparts do stay true to the repertoire between them. Robbie Morrision matched the dialogue to the personalities so well that you can read the words in Capaldi’s and Coleman’s voice. There is a definite continuing of the strained companionship even in comic form. It’s even more snarky and more brisk than what we have seen from the television parts.

The comic is setting up an interesting science fiction tale of intrigue and danger. Will there be a quirky twist or something much darker?

The first issue of The Twelfth Doctor: The Terraformer is available from Titan comics from your local comic book retailer.



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