Wild’s End #2


wilds end 2

An unknown deadly forced has fallen near the small, idyllic English town called Lower Crow Church.  Two drunken friends witness the horror but their warnings are casually dismissed. It is up to Clive, the mysterious newcomer to pursue the threat forcing the Mayor Gilbert and his aide, Peter to follow.

This is the review of the second issue of Wild’s End. Follow along by checking out the review for Wild’s End #1.


Clive’s instincts are right as they find Mrs. Swaggers’ house engulfed in flames. As her burned body is carried out in a gurney, Clive immediately notices something wrong with how the body is charred. More clues are found that prove that the town drunks may not have been overacting at all. Determined to go into the woods to figure out the mystery, another nearby residence is attacked and they all rush off to the rescue. They are joined by the grieving Alph, the nephew of Mrs. Swagger bent on vengeance. Just in time to find the reclusive writer, Susan Peardew, unloading a shotgun into a mechanical spider-like contraption. The contraption is contained as the adults convince Susan to come stay in the main town for safety. While the adults are distracted, Alph decides to enact his vengeance on the contraption with very dire outcomes.

If the first issue was dismissed as some child’s story with all the anthropomorphic animals, then may I remind who the writer is: Dan Abnett. A well known fantasy and comic writer, he also created some notable Warhammer 4000 novels, so I expected this comic series to be more than meets the eye. The second issue establishes this as legit science fiction thriller worthy of its War of the Worlds influence. The characters are so developed that I was genuinely upset with what happened to one of them. The vulnerability of the characters is a distinction that this is not a children’s series where no one gets hurt.

The spider-like mechanical contraptions are not emitting any horror vibes. They may be just drones and the story is gearing up for an even bigger horror. Although if those little spider things cause this much damage, then hell of a lot of chaos is coming to Lower CrowChurch.

No secret that I am very partial to felines so the introduction of Susan Peardew was a treat. Her reclusive nature, bravery is standing up to the contraption, and that she’s a cat makes her a personal favorite character. Clive is coming up a good second. There is definitely something military in this sea dog’s character.An unanswered question: how does he know bodies don’t burn that way? Did he witness murders or did he commit them?

It’s also fun to realize the voices I am attributing to these characters. In my head: Clive has Ron Perlman’s voice, Susan Peardew has Bette Davis’s voice, and Gilbreat has the same voice as the rabbit in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.

As a bonus treat, there is a manuscript of Peardew’s ongoing writing process. It adds another aspect to her character but also speaks to the frustrated writer in most of us.

The second issue also leaves this question: Where is the Fawkes the Fox?

Wild’s End #2 is available from BOOM! Studios now.




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