Extra-Ordinary Freak Show Documentaries



American Horror Story has chilled you with its first episode on October 8th. The dark petals of the carnival are unfurling around a community of people whose bodies are commodified curiosities. One of the admirable aspects of this anthology series is its representation of complex and sympathetic characters with down syndrome. Jaime Brewer has played “Addie” in Murder House, “Nan” in Coven, and will return again in Freak Show. The fourth season opens up its supporting cast to people of minority body types, acknowledging their human struggles and disenfranchisement by  mainstream society. These wonderful mini documentaries shed light on the lives of the extraordinary performers by giving them a voice. Hopefully American Horror Story: Freak Show will be a gateway of opportunity for these actors and actresses into the film world and roles beyond their physicality.

If you haven’t seen them yet, here are the ones already released.

Jyoti Amge as “Ma Petit”

Rose Siggins as “Legless Suzi”

Ben Woolf as “Meep”

Erika Ervin as “Amazon Eve”

Mat Fraser as “Paul the Illustrated Seal”


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