Review: Evil Empire #6


Evil_Empire_006_coverAfter Evil Empire #5’s departure from the central story and characters, Evil Empire #6 is a welcome return to Reese Greenwood and the rise of the Evil Empire.  While President Sam Duggins sets the stage for the world to burn, Reese recruits the core leadership of what she hopes will be a nationwide resistance.

Bemis’ wit and sense of humor are on display here as he gives the reader a little more insight into what it was that twisted Duggins into the monster that the reader has slowly come to know. This issue spends time laying the groundwork for the story to come as it introduces some new faces in the fledgling Resistance. It lacks the plot twists that have been a trademark of the story so far, but still manages to leave the reader hungry for the next piece of the story.

Andrea Mutti is back as the lead artist. The art style is proficient though her faces tend to become muddy and generic. There is a great deal of inconsistency in the way characters are drawn from panel to panel.

Evil Empire #6 is the weakest entry in the series so far, serving as a waypoint on the way to story’s grander destination. It has some good moments, but is mostly unremarkable.








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