Read all the things! – Supreme Blue Rose issue #4



Supreme Blue Rose is a comic that gets more and more complex with each new issue. Issue #4 continues to take readers further into the weird world that Warren Ellis has created. Once again, the issue gives more questions than answers and slowly we’re starting to see that this arc might not give us much in the way of resolutions. While the art remains stunning, the plot is slowly starting to become almost convoluted with its many threads and players that the readers don’t have context for. While this could be something that ends up making sense and being enjoyable once more information is released, for now it just is confusing and frustrating at times.

Despite this, the story that can be understood is intriguing and it’s easy to forgive the series its other shortcomings. Visually, Supreme Blue Rose is outstanding. If you’re reading it for the art, it doesn’t disappoint. That being said, Supreme Blue Rose might be better to pick up as a trade once an arc is done. It seems to be the kind of series that needs to be read and reread before being able to fully understand and appreciate the plot. Those giving it a shot and sticking around with it the whole run will probably see the pieces start coming together soon, but for the casual reader it’s a bit much.

Supreme Blue Rose #4 is now available from Image Comics.


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