Pumpkin Cinema: Nathaniel Tolle Gives Horror Fans a Halloween List to Die For



“Because when it comes to Troll 2, there are no rules”- Nathaniel Tolle

Need a good list of Halloween films for your Halloween bash? Pumpkin Cinema by Nathaniel Tolle might be your bucket of candy. Choosing from the hundreds of available horror and Halloween films, Tolle breaks down the best for your Halloween part with a brief description and the cover of the film.

Pumpkin Cinema is enjoyable guide with a good blend of classic cinema treats and newer low-budget creations I’ve never even heard of.  Tolle’s criteria involved films that would not leave the watcher feeling depressed, but in high spirits and ready for the next film. As someone who is easily squeamish when it comes to unstoppable mass murderers in films, I have to admit it was nice to find a list of horror films I could handle. The list even has some that spooked my parents, such as The Blob. The Snoop Dogg film Bones even makes the list.

There are some formatting issues to the book. The list doesn’t seem to have a solid break down with zombie movies throughout and then The Worst Witch miraculously appearing as if from no where. It would have been great to see all the zombie films gathered together and all the kid appropriate films in their own section. Also, while Jason is given one section with four films listed, Michael Meyers  and the Evil Dead films are given several sections. It distracts from the list at hand and seems kind of unfair. Many of the films are difficult to find. Of the handful I searched, only one was available for streaming from Netflix or Amazon. Most were available on DVD only, and (first world problems I know) only from specialty retailers. Still, for the horror fan with money and time, Pumpkin Cinema provided a decent synopsis and a few details about the film that will spark a reader’s interest.

Pumpkin Cinema is now available from  Schiffer Publishing.


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