The New Adventures with the Eleventh Doctor #3


DW_11D_03_Cover_A_REG_VERITY_GLASSThe third installment of the Eleventh Doctor finds him and his current companions, Jones and Alice, attempting to the get Alice home to take care of some business. In true Doctor Who fashion, the TARDIS takes them to a base somewhere in outer space. The Doctor and his companions land right in the middle of a murder investigation. Upon examination the Doctor realizes that the victims are not actually dead. It is up to the Doctor to find out what is ailing the people aboard the base.

The story is very similar to one that a Whovian would expect to see on the television series. Steven Moffat, the current show runner for the television series, was a consultant for the comic. The tone of the comic is just like the Matt Smith era of the show with a touch of adventure and whimsy.

The attention to detail in the artwork is striking. The artist, Boo Cook and colorist, Hi-Fi, created an image of the doctor that looked exactly like Matt Smith, down to his green eyes. The layout of the comic makes it very easy to follow. I did enjoy the random Doctor head to display dialogue.

This issue has set the stage for what looks to be another good Doctor Who adventure.

Issue #3 is now available from Titan Comics.


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