Eoin Colfer Gives ‘A Big Hand for the Doctor’ in Doctor Who Story About First Doctor


DW_01_ABigHand_C_59595JGrumpy, old and crotchety, the first Doctor (portrayed by William Hartnell) on Doctor Who was a loveable curmudgeon, ever accompanied by his granddaughter Susan Foreman (Carole Ann Ford). In the new short story by Eoin Colfer from the 12 Doctors 12 Stories collection, A Big Hand for the Doctor, tells the tale of a dangerous mission against the Soul Pirates. Having lost a hand to the pirates in question, the Doctor seeks out his friend Aldridge. While away, he has left Susan to guard the TARDIS and get a lock on where the Soul Pirates may have gone to next. Without any way to communicate, the Doctor emerges to discover Susan has gone on ahead against his wishes to stop the pirates. In the process, she has become trapped and will be turned into fuel for their ship along with the others who have been kidnapped. Using a specially designed hybrid hand, the Doctor must rescue Susan and stop the Pirates.

Eoin Colfer tells a tale that is good fun, despite the icky feeling associated with the image of the first Doctor losing a hand. In the end, all is explained away and comforted, but the thought was still unpleasant. The story is a quick read and captures the grumpy nature of the first Doctor. It also incorporates more recent Doctor Who lore that was not originally part of the 1963 television show.

A Big Hand for the Doctor is available from Penguin Books in ibook format. It will also be available in the full collection November 18, 2014 in 12 Doctors 12 Stories.



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