‘Walking in Circles’ Day is Coming


It’s no secret that some of our staff gets down with the dice rolling and obsesses over some dragon questing. Walking in Circles, the series by Jim Rodehaver and Adam Rady caught our attention at a local film festival and continue to make us chuckle. Color us excited when we received this notification today:


The best medieval fantasy adventure series in the world is celebrating the launch of its second season on Wednesday the 29th of October. In honor of the release of this highly anticipated series, Krag and the gang have declared this day to be WICDAY. Subscribe now to www.youtube.com/wictheseries to be the first in line to watch the epic season premier starring Katie Wilson, Eric Radic, Adam Rady, Jennifer Kairis, and Ben Burch.

Fans will be delighted to know that not only will they be able to watch the continuation of Krag’s quest, but they will also be getting the director’s cut of the first incredible season of Walking In Circles. Jam packed with updated special effects, music, and editing, this is Walking In Circles as it’s never been seen before. Special behind the scenes videos for both seasons will take you behind the camera and bring the cast and crew’s journey to life as we show you how Walking In Circles came to be.        

WICDAY is coming, and it’s going to be epic. Subscribe now to youtube.com/wictheseries and like us on facebook.com/wictheseries to make sure you don’t miss a single incredible update this Wednesday.

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