Review: Wayward #3


Wayward03-CoverA-585x900-webReturn to Japan and experience even more mythological creatures, mysteries, and just trying to fit in. Rori, half-Irish/half Japanese is still adjusting to her new life in Japan. She learns immediately that knowing the culture and actually living in it are two completely separate concepts. After a strange altercation involving shape-shifting turtle creatures, she is able to follow pathways only she can see. Which led her to Ayana, a tough girl who seems to always be preceded by a parade of cats and Shirai, a loner who has to consume spirits.

This review is following an ongoing series. Revert back to Wayward #1 and Wayward #2 to catch up.


Any attempts at normalcy in this series is just not going to pan out well. Rori and Shirai try to understand just what the heck is going when when they are approached by a parade of cats.

Of course, they follow the cats. You always follow the cats. Always.

Not even 24 hours have gone by before they meet the next paranormal horror. This issue is stumbling upon a skeletal ghost called a Kyokutsu hovering over a young boy. The third issue continues offering more cultural background information on these mythological beings, so I will leave you the pleasure of reading of it there. Ayane and Shirai literally leap into battle as Rori helps the boy. As can easily be inferred, the boy has some sort of magical ability. The team has gotten bigger. This is starting to read like the introduction of the Sailor Scouts (well that is fitting since the setting is in Japan).

Wayward #3 not only introduces Nikaido as the new magical member addition but it also reveals some more of the plot. A possible antagonist emerges in the appearance of dapper gentlemen conversing with a herd of magical foxes. From their conversations, Rori may be a “weaver”. What is that? I’m not sure. Weavers in stories are usually not of the good sort. Rumpelstiltskin comes to mind.

In a predictable and sad plot twist, we are shown a glimpse of what Rori’s mother is hiding in her job. From this reveal, all signs are pointing to an underground agency that harnesses spiritual power. Since the panel was dark and red, it’s easy to assume. I’m crossing my mental fingers that this is either an agency to fight good or her mother is a mole.

We have still not learned much about each of our characters magical ability, only their personalities. Rori is withdrawn and is still in culture-shock. Shirai can be scary but seems to be pretty loyal. Ayana is horrifying fearless. Which is not cat like at all since most cats i know run when a grocery bag rustles. Nikaido is still unknown overall.

It is an interesting note that Shirai and Ayana are formidable and very powerful in their capabilities. Are we witnessing a team of good or bad? It would be really interesting to see Rori grow as an all powerful leader of super-bad asses.

All in all, Rori is taking in all of these events pretty well. Shirai and Ayane are really into fighting these creatures. Shirai, I can understand not being fazed by these creatures since he does consume spirits. Since we don’t know Ayane’s story at all, only that cats precede her and she’s very good at jumping into battles, I’m just going to peg her on the looney pole (for now). Otherwise, I am adoring Ayane!

I can seriously imagine this as a television show. This needs to be a television show. I demand this to be a television. Interesting heroine, intriguing supporting characters, a visual feast of mythological beings? Gimme, gimme, gimme.

The story is pulling me in and I am already frustrated that I have to wait another month for the next issue. Join in my torment when you pick up Wayward #3 from your local comic book retailer this week.



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