Convergence: Dragonics & Runics Part III


10728821_10204878941111615_1540149460_nConvergence: Book III of Dragonics and Runics by A. Wrigton makes sure that this time, it isn’t just the Rogue boys who get to ride dragons. Anya is not your typical woman from Bandorea. For starters, in a land where finding a husband is your only goal, Anya can read and her father secretly puts her education first. Then of course, there is this amazing thing where she has a dragon that speaks to her. Not a typical gift of any society, Anya soon finds herself on the run from her homeland and bumps into Mouse, also known as Delaney. Mouse offer to teach the girl sword fighting, but is called away on the secret business of a hidden group called the Rogues. Fighting for what is right, the Rogues are being systematically hunted down by The Council.  All the while, Anya must discover who she truly is, even as the Rogues discover what she can really do and how she fits into an ancient prophecy. Betrayals, hidden heirs and royal abdications are abound in this the 3rd book in the Dragonics and Runics series.

If you haven’t picked up the first two books, Defiance and Allegiance, I recommend backing away from this review and picking them up immediately. Not only are they pretty dang good, but they also feature the back stories of two incredibly strong women included in Book III: Kaylna and Mouse.  Book III is certainly meant to be read in sequence. If you do shrug off the request and start here, you may find yourself a little puzzled by the references to certain characters, the prophecy, and certain (now defunct) locations. However, if you’re following along with the story at hand this book like coming home to some of your favorite people. This is also a terrifying thought because Convergence also says goodbye to some characters we were close to. The book can feel a little long at times, but that is because there is so much going on. Think of Dragonics and Runics like an explanation of World War II with less textbook and more dragons.

For readers who miss the days of Anne McCaffrey, or just want a series with less killing and incest that George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series, The Dragonics and Runics series definitely provides dragons and strong female characters to match.

Convergence: Dragonics & Runics Part III is now available.


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