Lenore #11: Questionable Squirrels and Movie Theater Disasters


lenore_11Roman Dirge returns with the insanity of Lenore, the cute little dead girl, in the long awaited issue #11 from Titan Comics. We begin with a squirrel explaining what is happening in the comic as it has been a while since an issue has arrived. Dressed like Rod Serling from the Twilight Zone and with an apparent love of younger squirrels, we quickly discover that Dirge is back with his usually strangeness; it is like coming home. An ancient Egyptian god of death and a large taxidermy amalgamation (appropriately named Taxidermy) have come together at a movie theater to discuss Taxidermy’s punishment for long ago destroying Lenore’s parents.

Roman Dirge is a comic writer and artist that you just have to take as he comes. The goth kid in me finds every page funny and bizarre, but I understand how impossible the comic may appear to my parents or you know, sane people. Lenore is dead, but adorable. The pages are colorful and bright, even with pedophile squirrels and Taxidermy avengers against childhood trauma. If you are able to balance your brightly colored and bizarre, this comic may just be for you.

Lenore #11 is available now from Titan Comics.


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