Review: Black Science #10



Review of an ongoing series. Hark back to the beginning at Black Science #1 or refresh your memory at Black Science #9

The millipede creatures called Dralns have captured Nate, Pia and the lone troll child from issue #9. The Dralns somehow know that the children are connected to the location of the pillar. In the middle of mind-sucking the information from Nate, they children devise a way to block it and run off on a what looks like a flying louse. As they make their escape, Pia dumps all of her emotional baggage upon Nate.  Really, Pia, really?!  Having a heart-to-heart confession of blaming everything on your father should probably not be given on top of an insectoid as you’re making your escape.

If Grant McKay’s character and motives were shady enough, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree with Pia; she is one aggravating teen. The teenage hormones may be raging, and she may be correct in her hatred of her father for putting them in this situation. but this was not the time to unleash. Pointing figures marred her character for me but her loyalty to her brother still gains merit. She is not wrong, her father royally messed things up. Every attempt at fixing it seems to bring about new ways of testing Murphy’s Law. It will screw your mind just imagining the infinite possibilities of different versions of Grant McKays scattered across all of these dimensions with the same goal of getting to the pillar. Sp far in all of these possibilities, none of them have able to fix the pillar and the troubles he has caused. That is a high level of  mind numbing horror. Harks me back to the days of watching Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Either way, your mind will emerge scathed by stretching your imagination.

Ten issues in and there seems to be no way out for these people. They are constantly being chased as they are dropped in random points in time. Although the more I learn about these people, the more glee I glean from watching them suffer. I am far more interested in seeing what the next world will offer, what new creatures I will see.


Let’s the time warp again in  Black Science #10 available at your local comic book retailer.




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