Sympathy for the Devil? Rasputin #1


Rasputin_CVR_1_DRESSFor lovers of the weird, no tale may capture the imagination more than the legends surrounding ‘The Mad Monk’ Grigori Rasputin. Alex Grecian and Riley Rossmo have taken this tale to the comic book page in the new comic, Rasputin from Image Press. Beginning on the night in which Rasputin is to be drugged, shot and drowned, the dark figure of Grigori sits at a table preparing to drink wine he knows must be poisoned. As he waits, he remembers the early days of his childhood. His abusive father fatally injures his mother, but from one touch of Rasputin’s hand, she comes back to life. The marks of abuse are all over Grigori and his mother. A fight between his father and a bear sets the stage for the life of Rasputin.

Alex Grecian’s story is captivating, but it is Riley Rossmo’s beautiful artwork that steals the attention of viewers. Coupled with the dim blues and grays of Sibera, deftly colored by Ivan Plascencia, much of the comic proceeds powerfully without a word from the characters.┬áHistory may have painted Grigori Rasputin as a monster, but Alex Grecian gives him back a little sympathy.

Rasputin #1 is available from Image Comics October 29, 2014.


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