Brave Frontier Launches Exclusive Halloween Characters at Comikaze


From the Folks who created the game Brave Frontier:


Starting today through November 2, Brave Frontier is offering Comikaze attendees the chance to win an exclusive in-game character in the hit role-playing mobile game. Released today, the two new characters in Brave Frontier will only be available for a limited time during the expo. Attendees of Comikaze can play the game hands-on in the Los Angeles Convention Center at the Brave Frontier booth #315 as well as receive a flyer and QR code for the chance to win.

scarlet_hood_ciaraWith today’s release, fans will have a chance every day at Comikaze to win new exclusive characters Pumqueen Semira or Scarlet Hood Ciara. Semira is the daughter of an elemental blacksmith, beautiful and talented in the art of arcane smithing. There is a legend that tells of a wisp named Jack, the most powerful and fearful spirit that resided in the deep forest. Jack was mesmerized by Semira, and forged a soul bond with her, teaching her the dark arts. Ciara came from a peasant family living a simple life in the woods where she met a mysterious woman who called herself Semira. Semira took pumqueen_semiraher in and trained her in mystical dark arts. On Ciara’s seventeenth birthday, Semira handed her an enchanted scythe for Ciara to face her deepest fears.

Additionally at Comikaze, Brave Frontier fans will also have a chance to play the new characters and the in-game Summon system with the opportunity to gain their 4-star equivalents during Halloween. There will also be a “Guess the Character” mini game at the Brave Frontier booth where players can win an exclusive maxed out 4 star Semira or 4 star Red Hood Ciara. At the booth, attendees can also take photos with cosplay characters and collect branded giveaways.

To download Brave Frontier, out now on iOS and Android, visit:

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