Super Secret Crisis War: Part 5


CN_SSCW05-cvr-659x1000Aku, Mojo Jojo, Mandark and Vilgax, Villains from the series Samurai Jack, Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory and Ben 10 respectively, have teamed up to try and take over the cartoon universe. Each villain has captured the hero of their world to try and form a robot army using the same powers as the heroes. Somehow Ed, Edd and Eddy have also been thrown into mix. In this chapter of the crisis Mojo Jojo realizes that his villainous cohorts do not see him as an equal and thinks that his own world might be in danger of being blown up. He teams up with heroes to try and rescue his world while the other villains give the heroes the choice of allowing them to use the heroes to upgrade their robots or see their worlds destroyed.

The Super Secret Crisis war is fun to read for fans of any of the series. This cartoon cross over is something that could have played out really well on screen. Earlier in the series I was wondering how Ed, Edd and Eddy could be valuable contributions in the story line but they ended up being part of the major plot twist. It was a very pleasant surprise. The story has built up for what could be a very epic show down in the last chapter.

Even though the characters are thrown into the same world, each character keeps their own unique style and design. The layout makes the story very easy to follow especially when larger scenes need an entire page to show the magnitude of what is going on. The stage has been set for the epic conclusion of the Super Secret Crisis War.

Super Secret Crisis War: Part #5 is now available from IDW.


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