HellSkate: Roller Derby Queens and Horror Combined for a Bloody Good Time


Teaser Trailer might be a bit racy for the work place, but it’s a horror movie, so be prepared;

If there was ever a film in the works that had our attention, it’s Hellskate.  Editor in Chief Victoria Irwin is an ex-roller derby girl (see Twitter handle @vicsplinterrg) and Stephanie Hayslip is obsessed with Horror Movies. Combine the two, and there’s something there our whole family can enjoy.

Que the genius mind of Sahna Foley, aka Miss Disco Bliss and you get something creepy and skate-oriented.


From their Indiegogo page:

Hellskate is the story of two roller derby stars who become possessed by a demon on Halloween.  It will be a full length feature film combining roller derby action and fight scenes with supernatural horror and derby humor.  The idea for Hellskate was originally conceived in the summer of 2008 while director/producer Sahna Foley was transitioning from a life of roller derby into one of acting & filmmaking.

With your support, we can ‘roll’ into pre-production early 2015 to meet our goal of starting principal photography in the summer of 2015!

The creative team of Hellskate is choosing to crowdfund part of their budget in order to maintain creative control and market the film they want to. They’ve even broken down how they plan to spend the funds they are asking for:

  • We are seeking a minimum of $100,000 to allow us to create a more solid package to pitch our film more effectively to additional investors.  Being able to bring a decent portion of the budget to the table along with our built in audience and solid promotional package, will show our investors the commitment we have to this project and respect for their additional investments.
  • Contributions raised during the campaign will go toward the costs of all phases of filmmaking. The pre-production, production and post-production expenses include, but are not limited to, the following: Fight Choreography & Stunts, Rehearsals, Special Makeup FX, Cast & Crew fees, Insurance, Legal, Equipment Rental, Costumes, Props, Set Design, Extras, Casting Director, Location Rental, Craft Services, Hard Drives, Office Supplies, Marketing & Promotion….it’s a long list that adds up quickly, even when pulling in all the favors we can to help keep costs down.
  • We may be biased, but we are super excited about the perks we are offering! Our amazing illustrator, Chris Bodily aka Hatrobot, is creating some fresh, new roller derby horror art exclusively for this campaign! In addition to his artwork, we are also collaborating with him once again for a new full-length Hellskate comic book! There are also limited edition trading cards, shirts, posters, and of course, a copy of the movie when it becomes available! For a lucky few, we’re offering some props and costume pieces from set and tickets to the premiere screening in SLC with the cast and crew!

Oh, and did we mention they made a comic book, because they made a comic book!


Hellskate: Descent is the prequel story to the film, and is written by Carl Joglar (Perils of Quad) and illustrator Chris Bodily (aka Hatrobot). The comic will be available to supporters before the general public.

If you’re into horror, want to support the awesomeness of roller derby, or want to do both, you can help support Sasha and Hellskate on their Indiegogo page  until November 15th!


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