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NightWorld is the Kickstarter project from Adam McGovern and Paolo Leandri. The four-part series follows the demon, Plenilunio, and his journey to save his lover who is stuck in a walking death-like state. In an effort to help his love he makes a deal with the bosses of the underworld. He must now find the key to kelp him right his wrong and get back his lover.

This series has a tone of constant brooding that isn’t explained until the very end. The story of what happened to Plenilunio and his love is explained through confusing flashbacks through out the series. The characters enter into the story with no introduction. One character is featured then it bounces to a new character with no clear transition or explanation of who the new character is.

The story is hard to follow since it jumps around between flashbacks, and present day with no real pattern. The only way I could tell that there was anew scene was the change in color palettt. After reading the first issue I was very confused about what had just happened. It wasn’t until reading “The Story So Far” in the second issue that I had a clear understanding of what was going on.

If you’re a fan of deals with the devil and the consequences that come with it, then this series might be of interest to you.

Nightworld #4 is available from Image Comics on November 5


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