Review: Penny Dora and the Wishing Box #1


PennyDora01_CoverAPenny Dora and the Wishing Box #1 began life as a short story written by author Michael Stock’s 8 year old daughter, Nico. It’s taken five years for her two short stories to become Penny Dora and the Wishing Box.

Michael Stock’s writing makes Penny Dora and the Wishing Box adorable and ominous by turns. When a mysterious box shows up on her doorstep on Christmas morning, Penny Dora thinks it is just a gift from her father. She doesn’t think anything of the fact that the box is empty and disobeys her mother’s order to throw the box out. While the box hides under her bed, strange things start to happen.

Sina Grace’s art fits the storybook nature of Penny Dora and the Wishing Box #1. Her bright picturesque panels are detailed and manage to draw the reader’s focus to the important details in each scene. Combined with Tamra Bonvillain’s color palette, Penny Dora and her cat Iggy jump to life on the page. Hope Larson’s lettering even looks as though it belongs in a children’s storybook.

Penny Dora and the Wishing Box #1 is an intriguing set up for the story of a girl, her cat, and a magic box. It’s very cute and suited for children as well as adults. Issue #2 will reprint both of Nico Stock’s short stories that inspired the comic.

Penny Dora and the Wishing Box #1 is available November 5, 2014 from Image.

Story By: Michael Stock
Art By: Sina Grace
Cover By: Sina Grace
Variant Cover By: Hope Larson
Letters: Hope Larson







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