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Nancy Myer is a highly successful psychic detective. She has been on Unsolved Mysteries, Psychic Detectives and many other shows on the unknown. With a success rate of about 90% Myer recently published a book on her life, cases and interactions with the dead entitled Travels with My FatherShe took time out of her busy teaching schedule to answer some questions from our Mistress of Death. One thing becomes abundantly clear when it comes to Nancy: She is the real deal.




FGN: Travels with My Father describes the first time your father contacted you after his death. You describe him in complete detail as if he was standing right there in his cranberry-colored sweater. Do you normally see those who have passed on in this way? If not, what are some of the ways they manifest to you?

Nancy Myer: There are different kinds of ghosts.  There are full materializations, partial materializations, memories that are attached to a place, and some downright nasty ghosts.  Full materializations are just like us except that they are cold to the touch and they sometimes make the whole place cold.  Partial materializations are see-through; they look more like the kind of ghosts they often use in movies.  The first two types are interactive and can talk with you.

Memories are scenes that repeat over, and over again.  There is no interaction, you just witness the same scene over, and over again.

Nasty ones can interact with you but you would rather that they didn’t!

FGN: Your book describes some pretty horrific cases you’ve had to solve. The one that sticks out in my mind is the poor child found along the side of the railroad tracks. How do you give yourself a clear head after one of these cases? How did you keep the fear out of your mind when raising your own children in a dangerous world?

Nancy Myer: I developed a system of cleansing my mind of what I saw as best I could.  It does not always work but most of the time it does.  It is particularly hard to do with cases involving kids.  After that first case of a child brutalized, I almost quit.  It was just too horrible.  Like a lot of people who do work on murder cases and missing persons cases you do not take safety as a given.  I did not let my children go around the community without taking precautions.  As they matured, they came to understand me better on that point.  Especially when they were old enough to learn about some of the cases I worked on.

One thing that was helpful was that I knew when they would be in the most danger and could take extra care at those times.  I also made sure my children were never photographed with me when they were little.  This reduced the danger to them because people didn’t know what they looked like.

FGN: How old were you when you fist discovered you could see things that others couldn’t?

Nancy Myer: I was six when I began to realize I was doing things that others could not do.  It was not until I was 28 before I truly understood how different my thinking was.

FGN:  In your book, you describe the gifts the psychic gifts that your children have also manifested. Do they still continue to sense the spirit world? Have any of them followed in your footsteps?

Nancy Myer: After seeing some of the negative ways that I was treated none of them wanted my job.  They understood how hard it was to do the job, and how many times I had to deal with prejudice and cruel comments.

My youngest has a lot of my skills but has chosen to apply them quietly rather than coming right out and working as a psychic.  However, she does use her skills to help others with their problems just not officially.

FGN: You have been on shows such as Unsolved Mysteries, Psychic Detectives and Silent Witnesses. Do the spirits respond any differently in the presence of camera crews?Is it difficult for the camera crews to keep up with you when you find something?

Nancy Myer: Ghosts have an uncooperative attitude with filming crews.  Most of the time, they refuse to appear.  Their energy destroys batteries like crazy in conjunction with my energy.  I try to remember to warn filming crews to have lots of batteries on hand.

FGN: You have an incredibly high accuracy rate. How do you respond to people who don’t believe in your gifts? What have been some of the responses from people who do?

Nancy Myer: I can’t change prejudice.  All I can do is show them what I can do and they will accept it as real, or they won’t.  I managed to change a lot of people’s minds about psychics and that was always fun.

FGN: Where is somewhere you would like to investigate with your gifts? Which place have you visited that has made the biggest impact in your life?

Nancy Myer: There are some kind of serpent mounds in Ohio that I would love to scope out with my skills.  I actually love archaeology and I love to go to old homes and places to see what I can learn about the site’s history. The place that had the greatest impact on my life was the Garden of Gethsemane.  I fell into another time and found out that God had something hard for me to do with my life.

FGN: Where is the best place for our readers to follow you and your cases?

Nancy Myer: I have a website and I am on Facebook.  I think my fans enjoy Facebook because I talk about my black Lab Herbie who is an extra funny dog, and other regular parts of my life.  My website is more formal.  I announce my meditation seminars and other interesting things I am doing on both places but you will get to ‘know’ me a little more on Facebook.


Travels with My Father is now available.


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