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For those who grew up in the nineties, young impressionable viewers were surrounded by educational entertainment. There were shows that nurtured literacy and imagination like Reading Rainbow or (my favorite) Wishbone. Opened the map of the world and culture through game shows like “Where In the World Is Carmen San Diego?” .There were alot of science themed shows like Beakman’s World.One of the most famous and also my own preference was Bill Nye the Science Guy.  Bill Nye was the trailblazer for making science and bowties cool (Sorry Doctor).

Bill Nye is a very charismatic, former mechanical engineer who is not just well known for hosting such an iconic nineties television show but also for writing a plethora of books and most recently his debate with Ken Ham. The debate has garnered over 3 million views on Youtube as a scientist and a creationist go head to to head.

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Just recently Bill Nye was part of the Live Talk series held at various locations in Los Angeles. At the quaint Aero theater in Santa Monica, Bill Nye sat down before a full house of adoring fans to discuss his book, science theories, Red Queen hypothesis,evolution, and other fun topics. It was really great to see such a diverse mix in the audience. There were the 90s kids and science geek like myself and a good friend, lots of teachers, and a healthy number of young people.

The discussion was moderated by Emily Levine. Who was delightful to watch since her random moments just reflected her inner fangirl. The event was the launch party of Nye’s newest book: Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation. A book signing followed thereafter and I was rambling in front of Bill Nye. Proud fangirl over here.


Through it all is a clear message for everyone to explore ideas instead of just accepting them. As we were all taught in science class, it’s all hypothesis and theories and such.Bill Nye strongly believes in space exploration for many reasons and encourages everyone to sign up for the Planetary Society.

planetary society

A full video of the discussion can be seen here:




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