Review: Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson Hopcross Jilly #1-2


MercyHopcross02-Cov-A-GarciaBeing out in the regular world as a Supe is hard for Mercy Thompson. Being a Coyote married to the head Werewolf of the Tri-State area is harder. Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson Hopcross Jilly #1-2 brings Briggs’ Mercy Thompson book series home to the graphic novel. Set after her last novel, Night Broken, Hopcross Jilly sticks to cannon as it explores an all new adventure.

By chance Mercy, running with her husband and the pack, discover bones nestled not far from what appears to be an abandoned farm.  One body turns into another, until there are four,  set in such a way that it could only have been done by someone with ties to the Supernatural.  The more Mercy becomes involved, using her talent to identify and resist most magic, the harder it’s going to be for her, her husband and step-daughter Jesse.  Jesse already has trouble with her classmates, and her friendship with new girl Jill could turn into something less than friendly

After reading the first two issues back to back I can’t help but make comparisons to Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse series which inspired HBO’s supernatural soap True Blood. The skill set of the main character, Mercy Thompson-Hauptman, seems in line with being valuable in all situations. Her relationships and attitude also brings a similar response to the one I had reading through Harris’s series. Doing a bit of background research into the novels, I saw similar plot points and scenarios.

Writers Patricia Briggs and Rik Hoskin start a narrative with a strong story and dialogue. The story is sharp, has wit, and holds your attention. Often, I found myself skipping the artwork in favor of further advancing the story. Having such a solid foundation with her many novels in the series Briggs, with Hoskin, was able to translate well into the graphic novel without much distraction. The story does not disappoint.

Artist Tom Garcia excelled the most on his covers for the issues. Focusing on the adjacent house and the likely cause of the disturbance, he creates a larger than life threat that looks more and more formidable as Mercy gets closer to the truth. He has previously worked on Clive Barker’s Hellraiser, and one can see that Garcia leans towards the macabre in his style. With strong lines and brilliant shadows he creates sold work that supplements the novel as the tale begins to unwind.

Delivering two sold issues Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson Hopcross Jilly #1-2 delivers a great introduction that has me wanting for more. Issue one is available now while issue two will be out November 12th from Dynamite Entertainment.


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