The October Faction #2: Family Life Can Be a Monster



If Supernatural and The Addams Family cross bred into some twisted comic, chances are it would eerily resemble The October Faction. Fredrick Allan is a professor of the paranormal, and struggling to keep his two children from following in his hunter footsteps. Both his children are a bit on the slacker side, desiring a life of fighting the paranormal rather than attending a university or getting a normal job. Mrs. Allan is usually missing, and while it is presumed she is having an affair she is at least expected for dinner at the house. In Issue #2, the reader gets to see deeper into the home life of Fredrick. After dealing with a summoned creature in his son’s closet, Fredrick berates his children on their lack of planning. It is only as dinner gets cold do they realize that Mrs. Allan has not arrived home. An unfortunate phone call sets the tone.

Steve Niles and Damien Worm have created a comic that while creepy and atmospheric cannot help but have some moments of familiar recognition. From Fredrick telling his children to get their lives in order to a desperate cry of “What did I say about Summoning in the house?!” it is hard not to find the family life bleeding through Steve Niles’ writing. Damien Worm’s art continue to stand out among a sea of standard styles of comic art, and blend into the mind like a sick dream. I find myself fascinated with the character design as the work blends human figures and monsters.

The October Faction #2 is available Wednesday November 12, 2014 from IDW Publishing.


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