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AmericanLegends02_CoverIf you find it impossible to simply shut off your analytic brain to enjoy something, don’t pick up Image’s American Legends. If you’re a fan of intricate story telling, tall tales and breathtaking art work, American Legends is hands down worth the risk of taking on a new comic book series.

Issue #2 of American Legends opens with Marie Laveau and Jack Lafitte rushing to help derail the Lewis and Clark expedition, and by doing so intending to start a war. The beautiful and wild Sally Thunder is Marie’s prime target, as the young woman knows the secrets of the voodoo queen and the pirate captain. At Sally’s side are Davy Crockett and Mike Tink, both desperately in love with Sally and willing to die to keep her safe. With Sally’s brother on the Lewis and Clark expedition, time is a major factor. Thanks to some help from Sacajawea and the power of the forest, Sally Thunder and her boys have a chance.

Famous names pop up everywhere in Bill and Zachary Schwartz’s tale of American folk-heroes. Though the figures are people who actually existed, the Schwartz team does make sure to have them live up to their Legend title. Some may take offense to Laveau as a wicked witch and Sacajawea as a glorified spirit of the forest, but the Schwartz team at least keeps the story exciting and bright. The art work is something to seriously write home about. The art is done by the group Studio Hive and I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the beauty of the watercolor-like work. The pages are worth drooling over, even if you are viewing them on a digital screen. This isn’t your standard cut and dry comic book art, and I love it.

American Legends takes a good deal of liberties to tell a good story, but the final result is worth every second.

American Legends #2 is now available from Image Comics.


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