Review: Evil Empire #7


Evil_Empire_007_coverAIn Evil Empire #7, the reader learns that everything that has happened so far was really only the beginning. After revealing glimpses of the future to come and showing the rise of President Duggins, this issue sets the stage for the next phase in the evolution of the Evil Empire.

Max Bemis takes a little bit of time to reconnect with characters and show a softer side to the monsters. After throwing down a metaphorical gauntlet, Reese and Greenwood share a surprisingly civil and human conversation. There are moments here that are reminiscent of some of Bemis’ early Say Anything lyrics. The newer characters introduced in the last issue get a bit more defined as the resistance bonds together. All in all, the writing in this issue is particularly strong and provides excellent insight into Reese Greenwood and Sam Duggins.

Andrea Mutti is still the lead artist after taking over a few issues ago. As in previous issues, there is an inconsistency from panel to panel that can be frustrating. Some characters faces are muddied and similarities between the way she draws Quinn and Reese force the reader to use conversational context to identify which character they are seeing. The art is proficient enough that it doesn’t detract from the story, but it fails to enhance it as in the early issues under Ransom Getty.

Ending with a jaw-dropping final panel – as many early issues of Evil Empire did – Evil Empire #7 is an engaging entry in the series and a worthwhile read.

Evil Empire #7 is available today from BOOM! Studios.








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