Review: Wild’s End #3


WildsEnd03_coverAIn a quiet English hamlet, robotic space creatures have landed without the inhabitants knowing. Only a wandering drunk and his friend stumble upon the ship. The drunk runs off to warn the hamlet, but why would anyone trust him? Because the body count starts to pile up, of course.

This is a review of a continuing series. Look back to to Wild End’s #1 and Wild End’s #2 for earlier reviews.

[spoilers indeed]

We jump right in after Gilbert’s sudden death by the spider robot death. Poor Mr. Minks is in absolute shock as the group scrambles to go back inside. They are not safe for too long as the robotic spider has entered the house, and the group makes a run for it.

They pause near a tree to catch a breath and soothe some nerves. Mr. Slipaway reasons that the robotic murder machines will follow them to the hamlet, so they decide to detour to Upper Deeping which is nearby and may have phone. This is kind of a weird plan since now they’re going to expose this killer to unsuspecting victims–Unless, that is, the killer’s buddies have gotten there first.

The group comes across a flattened circle of wheat. So if you need further proof that the robots are of the alien variety, there you go. Which makes me wonder, where is the ship? Did it just touch down and disperse all of these robots? The field is full of them as the group is surrounded by them. The sudden appearance of Fawkes at the end seems like their only hope.

There are no sudden deaths in this issue, but it really is set up like quiet before the storm. The group is in shock but luckily Mr. Slipaway has a level head. His past is still unknown but his tactics in keeping the group together are what is in focus.

From the map at the end of the comic, they have some ground to cover before making it to Upper Deeping. Will they manage to escape from the field full of the robotic killers unscathed?

This scientific tale is still going strong. The characters are so well done that it’s easy to imagine them as actual humans. Plus, I want to know what happens next! I’m predicting there’s going to be a scarier killer alien thing in the horizon

Wild’s End #3 is available at your local comic book retailer from Kaboom! studios









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