Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Spooktacular Issues Conclusion


24760[Spoiler Alert: This overview contains key story line information. If you don’t want the story spoiled then take my word: It’s worth the purchase. Otherwise, please read on…]

When last we left our intrepid and fearless hunters they were fighting off a large soul sucker (a.k.a the Soul Glutton). This issue picks up right from that part with Buffy and Spike struggling to fend off a Hellmouth demon that is growing faster every second. There is a general confusion between the two as to WHY this demon seems to have unlimited strength when the Soul Glutton himself explains that he is using the “pure” soul energy from a resurrection spell in the area to fuel his rage. Buffy and Spike are immediately thankful that Willow is on the case as they continue to battle the squid-like beast.
Willow, on the other hand, is experiencing a mental struggle. She located the grave of the person she assumed was being resurrected only to discover that Andrew (the fella who stole the magical book) is not in fact interested in that particular dead body. Now she is left to ponder on who he would feel blame for when it dawns on here: Tara. Willow’s lost love is the reason Andrew is down in the devastated tunnels that now make up Sunnydale. Overwhelmed with emotion and fear she rushes to locate the spell before it can complete it’s efforts.
Here is where the comic 180s back to Buffy and Spike. After a brief interlude of insults from the slayer to the demon mister Glutton gets irate and starts flailing about in a rather unconventional way. The two know they have to bring the monster down but his increase in size is astounding and the instability of Sunnydale’s tunnels aren’t helping. As their fight to survive pushes on, Willow finally locates Andrew. She attempts an aggressive means of stopping him but receives a vicious back lash of her own magic from none other than Siri. That’s right, the iPhone Andrew carries has memorized a protection spell and the damn phone knows how to use it. Stunned, but not down for the count, Willow reaches out to Andrew. She recounts how Buffy felt when resurrected and assures Andrew that Tara’s reaction would be worse due to the length of time she has spent in Heaven. Willow explains that death is hard for the people on Earth, not the people in the after life. Andrew suddenly understands his error and breaks the spell. 
Their timing couldn’t be more perfect because Spike is in the mouth of the demon about that moment. The “ex-vampire” notices that Soul Glutton is shrinking and Buffy quickly takes advantage of the situation by slashing at the creatures skull. Frustrated, the demon takes one last stand by collapsing what little is left standing of Sunnydale. Thankfully, Willow is around the corner and she deftly levitates the doomed pair out of the Hellmouth that is Sunnydale. Danger averted, Andrew apologizes and the group comes to realize they have alienated him a bit. Buffy helps Andrew discover he has not let go of the past and teaches him that acknowledging his transgressions, asking for forgiveness and understanding the moral inequity of what was committed will get him further than brooding on what has past. Enlightened, Andrew is forgiven and the group welcomes him back into their “slayer” family.
This is a great place for anyone interested in rekindling their Buffy comic collection to start. It’s around the time where the characters’ lives have been reset and much of the old story line is only used as a lesson instead of a theme. It’s here where new readers and returning readers can risk starting over without worrying over whether or not they know a character or two. Additionally, the art in this series only improves every issue so it’s terrific for the comic enthusiasts with an eye for illustrative composition. I am looking forward to the next issue and to see where this series is headed. The future undoubtedly holds great things for this group of misfits and I am willing to stick along for the ride.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10 Issue #9 is available Wednesday November 19, 2014 from Darkhorse Press.


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