Life Partners


MV5BNTIzNzM1Njg3NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTEzNTk4MjE@._V1_SY317_CR5,0,214,317_AL_Making its way around social media sites is independent film Life Partners. The movie is a comedy about two friends – slacker lesbian Sasha (played by Leighton Meester) and straight Type-A Paige (played by Gillian Jacobs). Everything is going alright with their lives and their friendship until Paige finds a boyfriend in the form of Tim, a charming nerdy doctor played by Adam Brody. The film follows Paige and Sasha as they go through various obstacles both caused and highlighted by their shifting friendship.

Life Partners is a film for everyone. At its core, it’s about the ever changing nature of relationships, which is something everyone can understand;that’s where this film succeeds. While a vast majority of the characters are queer, it doesn’t stop the audience from being able to relate to them. They have character traits that don’t rely on their sexuality. There are many jokes that poke fun at lesbian and bisexual stereotypes, but there are also moments that prove the characters are better fleshed-out than that. That said, this doesn’t keep them from falling into the pitfalls of other storytelling tropes.

The characters fall into certain patterns that are often see in comedies, and at times it felt cliche. There were many characters who could have been used throughout the film but were instead dropped after their one scene to make way for something else. While some instances of this worked, it mostly just gave the audience a list of random faces and names that ended up meaning nothing by the end of the movie. That being said, the humor was on point, with many jokes being delivered at just the right time with the right tone. The plot is relatively thin, focusing on the path that Paige and Sasha take as things change around them. There are some reoccurring elements that help show just how much these characters grow throughout the course of the movie. The ending gave a good resolution and a sense of closure after having watched the characters get through the obstacles that were in front of them.

Life Partners is worth seeing. It’s got good humor and is a fun watch. It’s available to download on demand now, and there will be showings at select theaters on December 5th.


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