Rot and Ruin #2


rot-ruin-2Benny, Nix, Chong, and Lilah are interrupted in their pursuit of the jumbo jet and have reached a temporary safety from the zombie hordes. They are trapped in a hospital incubation room filled with 15 year-old undead infants. Bushido ethics are tested with the question of whether or not they should  mercy kill, or abandon rotters that have done no harm. The group are found and rescued by a young woman and brought back to her home, and enclosed compound run by Farmer John. Though this Christian community appears benign, it could spell out trouble for our young heroes.

Pace has picked up, and there is a nice bit of characterization in the teenager’s fierce survival instinct. Trust is hard to earn, and suspicion is rightly placed. I liked this second installment but it the deus ex machina rescue by Abby is a glaring plot hole for now. If this is the zombie movie cliche I’m expecting, it’d be hard to believe that a Christian cult would allow an unarmed pregnant woman to go out into zombie territory for no reason. Hopefully there will be more moral ambiguity and an exploration of culture to differentiate this situation from the stereotype.


Rot and Ruin #2 is available from IDW on Wednesday November 19, 2014.


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