Franken-Butt, Chupacabra the Musical and Invisibility: Bob’s Burger #4


D.E. Comic Page Template.epsThis month in Tina’s Erotic Friend Fiction, Tina writes the story of Franken-Butt. Fans of the show will be familiar with Tina’s love for boys’ posteriors. Tina creates what she hopes will be the perfect butt on a creature that looks a lot like her crush Jimmy Jr. Unfortunately, the creature isn’t what she expected and the creature starts to terrorize the town and it’s up to Tina to save the town. In Louise’s Unsolved Mysteries and Curious Curiosities, Louise turns herself invisible during a science experiment in class. She does what any kid would do, start pranking her family. She soon discovers that being invisible isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In this issue Gene presents “Chupacabra-Cadabra, The Musical.” In this musical the kids go on a hunt for the chupacabra that is eating the livestock in the town. While the kids are dreaming of finding a money maker they find their monster has different dreams. It’s up the Belcher kids to help the Chupacabra to achieve his dream while singing along to nifty musical numbers.

The Bob’s Burger comics are a little different in their format. It is composed of 3 short stories featuring the Belcher children, Tina, Louise and Gene, along with the add-ins of Bob’s Burger of the Day Ideas and Letters from Linda. Each of the short stories are written as if the kids had written them and are true to each of their unique styles. It made the comic a fun read and easy to pick up if you haven’t read previous issues. The art work and dialogue were true to the characters that fans have come to love on the show. The only part that was challenging is figuring out how the tune to Gene’s musical should go. Is it one long song or a medley?

I recommend this comic if you’re a fan of the show since these are each based on the characters’ unique interests.

Bob’s Burgers #4 is available today from Dynamite Press.


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