My Little Pony Friends Forever: Volume #2


4226511-02Friends Forever is a collection of four shorter stories featuring the characters from the beloved series. The first story is about Fluttershy and Zecora, the witch doctor Zebra. Fluttershy has suddenly started hearing the voices of her animal friends but does not know how it happened. She notices that the animals also seem to be up to something. She goes to Zecora for help and the two work together to discover what could be the cause of Fluttershy’s new ability and discover what the animals are planning. The second story features Rainbow Dash and Trixie, the magician unicorn. Rainbow Dash is invited to do a special performance for the kingdom of Diamondia. When Dash gets there she finds out that Trixie is in trouble and can’t escape the diamond dogs. The pair work together to create a plan to escape kingdom. The third story follows Pinkie Pie as she tries to help out Princess Luna. Princess Luna wants to be part of Princess Celestia’s Chuckle-Lot banquet so the people of Canterlot will no longer fear her. She enlists the help of Pinkie Pie to show her how to be funny and put on a show for the banquet. The last story is a tale of Apple Jack and Rarity’s journey to Applewood to have a business meeting with Applejack’s cousins. The ponies visit famous cities such as Salt Lick City, Seaddle, San Franciscult, and a trip to Whinnyland.

The first three short stories are a good show case of characters that aren’t often featured on the show. They have had their own story lines and pop up from time to time in the background but it’s always fun to see the characters show up again in later stories. All four stories show what happens when you work together with someone even if it isn’t someone you are used to working with.

Part of the fun of the My Little Pony series is the nods to pop culture that they hid. The fourth story has nods to different cities and famous landmarks such as Salt Lake City, Seattle, Mount Rushmore, San Francisco, Hollywood and even Disneyland. All of which were molded into something that one could find in Equestria.

This collection of stories of Friendship is perfect for the pony fans out there and great for anyone who doesn’t want to commit to a long term series.



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