Peanuts #23


peanuts23_coverIn the first short story, “Eraserophia”, Charlie Brown finds out that his habit of chewing erasers is starting to effect his health. His doctor diagnoses him with Eraserophia and Lucy tries to help Charlie Brown in her own special way. In the second story, “The Eyes Have It,” Peppermint Patty is distraught by her terrible grades. She realizes that Marcy always seems to just “see” the answers, so Patty borrows her glasses to see if she could see the answers too. Peppermint Patty finds out that it takes more than glasses to find the correct answer. The last short story is “Toodle-oo Caribou! A Tale of the Frozen North.” Snoopy and his Beagle Scouts are their annual winter hiking trip. While they are out it starts to snow and the Beagle Scouts must use their training to stay warm and find shelter.

This comic is written as three short stories with classic Peanuts strips sprinkled in. Each of the characters’ personalities are true to the original comic strip. The art work itself is similar to Charles Schulz’s style but the coloring adds more depth to the pictures compared to what you would see in the newspaper. The look is similar to what has been seen in the newer Peanut’s features that have been released in recent years.

These comics are perfect for reliving your childhood of reading the Peanuts strips and great for introducing the next generation to Good Ol’ Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

Peanuts #23 is now available from kaBOOM!


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