Review: Legends of Baldur’s Gate #2



Enter a large city called Baldur’s Gate, a large gated city divided by riches, classes,skills, and secrecy.

This is a review of an ongoing series. Check out Baldur’s Gate #1 here.

Back into the action! After being accused for the murders of two guards, Minsc and Delina are on the run from the pursuing Watchmen. Two thieves, Krydale and Shandi jump to their rescue in the nick of time and ferry them off to a safe location. The second issue is pretty much laying the foundations for the upcoming adventures. Introductions are made and questions are answered. The simple explanation of how Minsc and Boo have appeared has very much to do with Delina’s lack of magic control. The reason for Delina’s quest to city is to find her twin brother who she feels is in danger due to their psychic bond.The thieves decide, on the “grace” of their hearts, to help them even though there isn’t a cash payout. Which makes me suspect that the thieves have other intentions.

The issue also starts setting up several speculations for what’s coming.

  • There are pretty solid clues that Deniak has involved himself with some unsavory folk. From the backstory panels, Deniak seems to be a power-driven sort of character with Delina being his moral anchor. Through their twin psychic bond, she is able to sense that he is in trouble. Or is he? It could all be a trap.
  • Since her magic is so erratic, what kind of help Delina can offer in offense is pretty minimal. We may be witnessing her growth into a powerful mage. Or she could be set up as a sacrifical character to save her brother. One thing she does have going for her is her knack for picking up some great allies (so far).
  • Not much is known about Krydale and Shandi except for mysterious connections to the parliament.
  • Minsc and Boo continue the comedy but their reemergance into this world 1000 years later will sure shake up things. It make re-ignite old resentments or change perspectives.
  • Minsc really needs to meet Drax, those two would get along just fine. This is not really speculation but just a fun thought.
  • A traitor has to the group has been spotted and dangers have amounted. It seem’s like a crew is being formed. Knowing that ‘Tyranny of Dragons” is involved, Deniak may be powerful enough to summon the multi-headed dragon but will not follow other people’s orders
  • Delina is going to be used as a hostage to convince Deniak to summon it

Two issues in, and this story already has a plenty of potential for a good adventure. Just like the game, it’s all up to the fates.

The Legends of Baldur’s Gate #2 is available at your local comic book retailer from IDW.


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