Review: The Twelfth Doctor #2


Doctor Who 12_02_CoverA_CoalHillWallTerraforming a planet yields a pretty low success rate. Unearthing an unknown horror at a terraformed planet is a pretty solid constant. Doctor, Clara, and the rest of the crew they rescued previously have come face to face with the rise of Hyperios, a being full of fire and destruction.

This is a review of a continuing series. Check out the Twelfth Doctor #1 here.

The second issue peels back to the history of Hyperios. There is a sort of a poetic and deep history of this species made of the sun. Where their benevolence burned away to leave malevolence, destroying societies that they helped nurtured. Their fire seeming to have burned the shell exposing what has always been at the core: lots and lots of anger. Very interesting and beautiful backstory which should lead to a terrifying and intimidating creature. Instead, it looks like a charred version of Pikachu.

The Doctor and Clara mange to lead the group to safety as they work out a plan. There is a fight scene between Clara and a possessed drone that just leave me thinking that she must be burning up. She is STILL wearing the ski suit from before. She should be fainting from the heat now. It was all very distracting.

This also seems to be issue of whose ego will eclipsed whose. Hyperios’s ego is that of sheer power and dominance. Almost like a fire version of a Dalek as it considers every one insignificant. The Doctor is full of himself as useful but Clara’s ego is just getting ridiculous. The confidence is definitely applauded but my eyes are rolling 360 degrees now.

There is a piece of dialogue that gave me pause. The doctor mentions that even though he is a pacifist, “peace is the thing you have to fight the hardest for”. In this story, he is referring to the peace of the planets that the Hyperios is destroying. After the conclusion of the season finale and Missy’s wish to give him an army, this statement seems to weigh pretty heavy. The doctor’s realization that he is just an “idiot in a box” may also brought his ego down a bit to pursue what he’s been fighting for this whole time: peace. Well, and Gallifrey.

The novel had banished the monster but there is a cliffhanger. There is ANOTHER Hyperios. The Doctor may be spending his time extinguishing flames. Or is this part of a much larger story arc?

The Twelfth Doctor #2 is available at your local comic book retailer from Titan Comics.


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