Super-Secret Crisis War Comes to a Conclusion with Issue #6


CN_SSCW06-cvr_mini-659x1000To recap the story so far: Aku, Mojo Jojo, Mandark and Vilgax, Villains from the series Samurai Jack, Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory and Ben 10 respectively, have teamed up to try and take over the cartoon universe. The last installment of this epic finds the heroes faced with the destruction of one of their worlds. Mandark has realized that Aku and Vilgax have been plotting against him all along and his own world is in danger. Mojo Jojo has a plan to stop the Death Stare but it fails. The heroes need to find a way to stop the villains and return safely to their own worlds.

The last chapter of the series seemed to be a bit of a letdown after all of the buildup. There was no epic battle scene that one would come to expect with so many heroes involved. They hit the self-destruct button and go back to the worlds they came from and resume their lives. It was pretty anticlimactic ending.

As with the first five comics the series continued to keep each character in their own style. As the heroes are plopped back into their own worlds, the color pallets change to show the change in scene. Over all the series has a very appeal look and flow.

Check this one out to see the thrilling conclusion of the Super-Secret Crisis War today from IDW.


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