The Good the Bad and the Pony: ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #25’


MyLittlePony25-coverA_mini-659x1000The latest pony adventure finds the six friends on their way to Canter Creek to see visit Apple Jack’s great grand uncle’s ranch. When they reach the town they meet Sheriff Tumbleweed who shows them around. Once at the ranch Apple Jack finds out that her great grand uncle Chili Pepper has mysterious left and that a gang of bulls are bullying the town and threatening to take over the ranch. The friends try to help the town get rid of Longhorn and the Cattle Rustlers and save the ranch.

The story is very family friendly and full of the popular characters from the cartoon series. In the story the ponies stand up for the town as they try to get the Cattle Rustlers to leave. This gives the reader a moral message about standing up to bullies. While not everyone is looking for an underlying message I’ve heard from parents of younger fans that is one thing they like about the series. This comic is ideal for all ages, especially if you want to get a younger child into reading comics.

The artwork is brightly colored and eye catching, much like the beloved cartoon series. The characters are true to their style from the show. The layout is very easy to follow and clearly shows the progression of the story.

I recommend this one as a good starting place if you want to try and start the series since it’s the beginning of a new story line.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #25 is available today from IDW Publishing.



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