The Hour of Our Release: Morning Glories #42


Morning Glories 42 CoverThere are few comics these days that take drastic twists and turns while still keeping a semi-coherent narrative. Morning Glories manages to do this and so much more. Its intriguing characters and involved plot keep readers hooked, coming back so that maybe they can figure out a little bit more about the mystery behind the Academy and the students there. Described by Image Comics as “The Runaways meets Lost,” Morning Glories starts off with six new students being accepted into the prestigious Morning Glories Academy, where something sinister lurks just under the surface. Cults, physics gone wonky, and other obstacles face the students as they attempt to piece together the puzzle that is Morning Glories Academy.

The newest issue of Morning Glories doesn’t disappoint. In fact, it offers more answers than the issues previous. Parts of the story are starting to come together. As more pieces fall into place, however, new questions come to light. The issue will leave readers wondering just what Spencer and Eisma have in store for later. Fans of the series both new and old can see just what’s up with new issues over at Multiversity Comics, where they not only dissect what goes on from issue to issue but also host a monthly live chat to discuss theories and other things that happen. It’s a great place to find other Morning Glories fans as well as get your own theories out there.

And remember guys: the hour of our release draws near.

Morning Glories #42 is now available from Image Comics.


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