Monster Hunting And Teen Angst In Sinergy #1


sinergy-1-cover-artJess is just an ordinary girl who just graduated from college and celebrated with her boyfriend by having sex for the first time. However, her first sexual experience didn’t go so well when it awakened her genetic abilities to see monsters. Her father learns that she can now see these monsters and wants her to give up her college dreams and enter “the family business” of hunting these monsters. One small problem, her boyfriend is one of them.

Sinergy #1 is a great first issue of what should grow to become a great story. Jess is a highly relatable character, especially to anyone who has ever been a teen girl on the edge of a big life change. I look forward to seeing her relationship with her father change and grow as they fight monsters and save the world. Creators Michael Avon Oeming and Taki Soma explain just enough of the world to keep us from getting confused, and yet still leave some mysteries to resolve in later issues. The art in this issue evokes a film noir look and feel to the story with its muted colors and bold line work.

Sinergy #1 is available today from Image Comics.


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