‘Goblins!’ is Brain Melting Fun


pathfinder_goblinsFrom the world of Pathfinder comes Goblins!, a collection of tales from the popular role playing game, told with a twist. In Goblins! the stories are told by the goblins themselves. This collection includes ten stories, all written and drawn by different authors and artists, (plus a prologue, epilogue and appendix). With all these chapters, this comic has more than enough to keep you occupied with goblin-y goodness for quite some time. Now normally all goblin stories are of the oral tradition, because as the prologue teaches us, the written word will “BRAIN BURN!” any self respecting goblin. Still, I do suggest you take the risk of brain melting to check out this book.

Seeing as I go my the moniker, GoblinGal, it was basically my duty to read this comic, right? Overall I found it to be a fun, well made comic. As you might imagine, goblin tales are a little…chaotic. In fighting and squabbling are generally a mainstay of the stories. They are, you know, goblins. There are a lot of cute references in this book, too, such as in the first story in which the goblins “recover” a magic lich eye from a party of adventurers. As a nod to the readers, the magic eye is drawn as a glowing D20. Amusing note: If you remember the Fierys from Labyrinth and their mix and match body parts, you’ll probably get a kick out of the first story.

diceOne thing that proved a bit difficult for me was the Goblin speak, which I found slightly cumbersome, albeit humorous, to read. A few lines here or there wouldn’t be too bad, but a whole script in goblin is pretty intense (their grammar and syntax, not so hot). Not all the stories employ this style, but many do, and as such I found myself preferring to read a little bit at a time rather than mainlining the whole book. I liked it, the language and tone really fit the book, it was just a slower read than usual. I particularly enjoyed the second story, which is the tale of a goblin’s capture and confinement by an evil “cyclops” (a very normal man in a monocle). The goblin’s view of the human world was hysterical. Generally Goblins! is zany, funny and more than a little bit silly.

Since the dawn of D&D, and even far beyond that, we have heard countless tales of a similar measure. A brave group of five-ish heroes go on a mighty quest to save the world, or defeat a monster, or retrieve the uber gem of kil-whatever. There’s nothing wrong with those stories, in fact, many of them are great, but I thought Goblins was a nice little trip outside the box. A little chaos and a few goblins can go a long way. Whether you are a lover of the fantasy genre, a pathfinder player, or just a little bit of goblin mischief in your heart, you’ll get a kick out of Goblins!.

Goblins! is available from Dynamite Comics


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