Rasputin #2


Rasputin02_CoverRasputin is a tale told from the perspective of a now nearly mythical figure as he is killed by those closest to him. As he reflects on his life in this issue, Grigori Rasputin remembers a bar fight in which he meets the Frenchman Antoine Dulac. After being shot in the bar, Dulac is healed by the powers of Rasputin and then convinces the budding mystic to come with him to a monastery.

Rasputin #2 is told mostly in the artwork of Riley Rossmo, with the occasional verbal interludes written by Alex Grecian to explain what images alone cannot. The blend works perfectly, as a bar fight is visually able to explain itself.

Rasputin #2 continues the story at hand. It is difficult to understand the nature of Grigori’s powers without picking up issue #1, so make sure to read that first

Rasputin #2 is available Wednesday November 26, 2014 from Image Comics.


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