Twilight Zone Volume #2 Two: The Way In


TZVol2TP-Cov-112pgsTconThis volume is a collection of the issues telling the story of Diana Westby. Diana is just an average New York coffee shop worker that keeps having the same reoccurring dream. One day an older gentleman gives her a mysterious coin as a tip. Suddenly, Dianna is able to hear the thoughts of the people around her and she has visions of the future. She decides to investigate the origins of the mysterious coin. She learns that it is from Ancient Assyria, created for a cursed king right before the fall of the Assyrian Empire. This new information leads her to believe that the coin is the reason she has her new abilities. One day at the coffee shop she hears the thoughts of a suspicious group of men and has visions of New York City blowing up. Diana wonders what the visions mean and what she could do about them. She wonders if it is her job to stop the plot or let it happen.

I found this story very interesting because it presents an interesting question; if you know something bad is going to happen and have the power to stop it, would you? Would you stop the situation even if it means risking your own life to save the lives of others? Diana is presented with this numerous times throughout the course of the storyline. As a reader I found myself asking, “What would I have done?” The twist of the story is a classic Twilight Zone Twist.

The art work is very detailed. The changes in color scheme made it easy to tell what panels were a flash back and what panels are supposed to be present day. The vision sequences were a little harder to distinguish at first but the reader is experiences the visions as Diana does. Many times she can’t tell what is actually happening versus what is a vision. In panels where Diana is hearing the thoughts of another character the letterer (Rob Steen) and illustrator (Guiu Vilanova) did a good job distinguishing speech bubbles that were thoughts and those that were dialog.

If you’re interested in stepping into the Twilight Zone this collection is your ticket there.

Twilight Zone Volume #: The Way In is available November 26, 2014 from Dynamite


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